Cyber Monday Deals Are Better

Does cyber Monday or black Friday have better deals?  Wow, that is a great question that you have just asked.  Unfortunately, I do not know the actual (correct) answer.  However, as always, it would be my pleasure to speculate. 
In my opinion, Cyber Monday should have better deals then black Friday.  Did you just ask, “Why?”.  Well, I am glad that you have asked.  In my opinion, fashion retailers can offer better deals on Monday because they have sales numbers in house already from the previous Friday.  If they realize that they did not sell as much inventory as they would have liked to on Friday, maybe they can reduce prices for their Monday sales promotions. 
However, that is actually easier said then done.  It is not really that simple for a clothing company to change product pricing over the weekend.  They would have to be either a very small company (such as a fashion boutique) or an extremely efficient company.  Furthermore, this obviously only works for companies that are strictly online retailers only. 
If the clothing store is both brick & mortar AND an online retailer the prices of garments in the store would have to match what is sold online (not really sure if that is a legal requirement or just an organizational necessity).  It would be extremely difficult to update the garment selling pricing on the fly for a brick & mortar store.  My guess is that technology will eventually catch up and create an answer to this issue.  Possibly, their will soon be a method for retailers to electronically update “price tickets” or “price stickers” that are already hanging on garments.  If that is the case, they can update online sale prices and in store prices at the flip of a switch.  Wouldn’t that be amazing…  Anyway, for now, I think online retailer can more quickly adjust to sales data and update pricing and sale strategies more quickly then brick & mortar retailers.
Anyway, back to my original point.  I think that online retailers have the potential to provide consumers with better deals on Cyber Monday then they do on Black Friday.  They can do so because they know what inventory sold over the weekend and how urgently they need to unload additional units so that they are not stuck with inventory after the selling season completes.
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