Trousseau is no longer practical

Below you will find new comments from Vera Wang.  As you know, we are fans of Vera.  Therefore, thought that you would also enjoy her comments.

The tradition of a trousseau is age-old, when a woman began sewing clothes at an early age in anticipation of her marriage. While the concept of a trousseau is no longer practical, the idea of shopping for your wedding night and honeymoon is still enduring and relevant. The implication is timeless: new clothes for a new life.

Depending on where your honeymoon is, you might be packing bikinis for the beach or evening dresses for a European escape. Combine fabrics – cashmere, cotton, silk and lace – to create versatility. For any trousseau and any destination, a few pieces are essential: a lightweight cotton robe, a cashmere twin set, a little black dress with high-heels and a neutral-toned pashmina shawl. I strongly recommend packing black leggings for comfort, ease and practicality – I live by them. -XO, Vera


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