ellemayers.com Now Selling 38 Inch Inseam Pants

ellemayers.com is a specialty online retailer selling workout clothes to tall, active women. The company is owned by 5’10” Liz Mayers who found it difficult to find activewear designed specifically for tall women and decided to start her own company. The company began selling the “living it up tall” pant with a 38” inseam last week.

“When I launched last fall I started with two inseam lengths of the living it up tall pant. 34″ and 36″. I quickly started receiving requests for 38″ pants,” said Mayers. “I’m excited to meet the needs of tall women who continue to be challenged when it comes to finding clothing that fits.”

According to Mayers there’s been a very positive response to the clothing line and specifically to the pants. “My customers love the fit and find them super comfortable. And they’re made in the USA. Something many customers are looking for now,” she said.

Mayers looks forward to expanding the line this year with more tops and pants.

For more information, please visit http://ellemayers.com/


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