Brandy at 2012 BET Awards

Brandy walked the red carpet of the 2012 BET Awards in jewels by Sorelina and Soffer Ari on Sunday, July 1st, 2012. She also performed in jewels by Elodie K., and attended the gifting suites and BET Awards Radio Room in Sorelina and Beverly Jill Designs. Brandy wore Sorelina’s Meteor Earrings and Soffer Ari’s Ram’s Head Ring on the red carpet. During her performance, Brandy once again wore Soffer Ari’s Ram’s Head Ring and Elodie K.’s Leaf Earrings. Brandy also wore Sorelina’s Foliati Earrings and Beverly Jill Designs Gold Plate Cuff to the gifting suites and BET Awards Radio Room.

Sorelina is the Los Angeles based line by Priscilla Franco-Asturias and Andrea Franco -Asturias. Each piece is hand-made with natural elements and offers a unique vintage rock edge. Sorelina’s pieces have already been seen on the likes of Kelly Clarkson. Sorelina is available for purchase at Church Boutique. Soffer Ari is the Los Angeles based line that was started in 1995. The pieces are all handmade and has a following amongst Hollywood’s elite. Soffer Ari is available for purchase at

Elodie K. has been coveted by everyone from Katy Perry to Emily Blunt and Rachel McAdams since it’s Spring 2011 launch and is available at Rose Ark and Max & Chloe. Beverly Jill Designs has perfected high quality fashion fine jewelry with fans like Demi Lovato and Kelly Osbourne and is available for purchase at


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