Get More Followers on Pinterest

We have rounded up some rather simple tips that should have you and your pins in the limelight before you know it.  Take a break from all of that pinning, and take note of some of these suggestions.

1) Twitter and Facebook Should be in Sync with Pinterest

It is an easy process, so don’t forget to sync you accounts.  This will give you plenty of advantages.

2) Create “Good” Boards

Don’t be a bore.  Make sure to name your boards with some creativity so that viewers will be interested in checking out your boards.  If you are managing a board for business, make sure it is marketable.  Use a name that is appropriate for your message.  If you are in the food industry create various food boards.  If you are in the fashion industry, create fabulous fashion boards on Pinterest for your pinning.

3) Hashtags (#)

Don’t forget to use hashtags as you would on twitter.  This will make it easy for viewers to access information that they are interested in finding. Also, use the “@” symbol to help jump start conversations.

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NewsFashion – How to Get More Followers on Pinterest – Did you want to be Pinterest’s Most Popular?  Well, you have to work at it.


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