Alice in Wonderland Fashion Party

We are pleased to announce the celebration of our dear friend Alice Ng’s birthday as we send her off into her early 30’s. We will be celebrating her birthday in red carpet style. Dressing in character is a must for the birthday lady has established an Alice in Wonderland theme at this MUST SEE event. Yes, this year we will be going all out in our quirky one-of-a-kind dresses & bows. So gentlemen, put on your best top hat and ladies we’ll leave the fashion up to you! Get your imaginative and creative juices flowing together; we will be awarding the best dressed guy and girl a surprise that will surely not disappoint.
If we haven’t won you over yet, there will be an open bar from 9-10pm, followed by hors d’oeuvres. Sparks will ignite at Midnight so don’t be late or the queen of hearts might attack!This is a private event so you MUST RSVP & say ‘Alice’ at the front door, or it will be OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!


40/40 Club

6W 25th Street

New York, NY 10001

Note: the above is written with “we”. But really, this is not written by the Fashion Blogger site.  When it says, “we”, it really means them… (Them, being the organizers of the event.)

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