Votary Oversized Scarf Collection 2012

The Votary scarf collection seeks to reinterpret the classic look and blend it with the highest quality construction using utilitarian elements. Founded in New York City in February 2012,Votary’s initial desire is to revolutionize an often overlooked – but nonetheless defining – element of one’s personal style: the scarf. The line is at once premium but also democratic in its approach, and strives to produce pieces that are destined to be favorites for years to come.

Similar to the term, the Votary collection is meant for one who is a firm believer, supporter or advocate; an enthusiast; a devotee; or a faithful follower. Votary scarves, and complementing blankets, were created as a staple in the fashion accessory industry along with making an original statement translated through the materials, over-sized construction, reversible design, fully knitted production – and all proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.

· All Votary pieces are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA

· Non-scratchy hand – as soft as Merino Wool

· Machine Washable

· Hypoallergenic

· Double paneled, over-sized construction for extra warmth and added structure for styling

· Fully knit construction – no sewn edges to cut costs

· Reversible design

There are several styles and colors to choose from: The Votary – Classic, Black Charcoal Gray, Black Red, Green Red Ecru, and Black Navy; The Votary blanket – Classic and BCG. All scarves are 12in X 67in and cost $75.00 – The Votary blanket is 53in X 67in and costs $225.00

For more information, please visit www.VotaryNY.com

More about Votary and the Founder: Born and raised in New York as the son of an Italian immigrant and entrepreneur, Luigi Bianco, the founder of Votary, was born with an innate sense of style and learned at an early age the value of pursuing a dream.

Luigi chose to name the line Votary as its meaningful definition resonated at a juncture in his life when he was unsure of where his path was leading him. After spending five years practicing law and falling victim to the economic crisis, Luigi let his entrepreneurial spirit get the best of him. With great difficulty in finding a job, he left his native New York for Europe to start anew in the fashion industry and pursue his childhood dream. His time working for a well-respected fashion firm in London armed him with the tools he needed to return home and proudly establish Votary as a New York based company that manufactures in the USA to help foster smart economics.

Votary draws upon Luigi’s firm belief in making a lasting first impression. Votary’s inaugural collection of scarves seeks to inject well-constructed, smartly designed style into daily life whether it be on the street or in the home; as translated by the Votary blanket.

Votary is Americana-inspired and reflects elements of European style and detail that Luigi has refined while having lived in Milan, Rome and London. From the garish to the traditional, Votary was built to reinvent the standard for premium, yet accessible, personal style.


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