Non-Surgical Tummy Tucks Growing in Popularity : Do they Work

Non-Surgical Tummy Tucks Growing in Popularity : Do They Work?

As more and more people are staying away from risky cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery to slim and tighten their tummies, non-surgical tummy tucks are growing in popularity every day.

The newest non-surgical option called Tummy Tight, a non-surgical tummy tuck home kit, was recently put to the test on the Good Day Sacramento morning show.

Good Day Sacramento co-hosts Melissa Cabral and Lori Wallace used this waistline sliming system for a week and reported their results to the show’s viewers:

“I wrapped my midsection three times last week and lost a total of three inches,” Cabral said. “I lost one inch from my hips, one inch from my stomach, and one inch from the upper torso region just beneath the bust.”

Tummy Tight also worked on Wallace.

“I trimmed off two-and-a-half inches during the week,” Wallace said. “I would recommend it.”

In order to fairly test Tummy Tight, Cabral and Wallace both said they didn’t change their eating or exercise habits.

“I wore it while I sat around and watched TV at night,” Cabral said. “It worked.”

The segment is available at

The Tummy Tight kit is comprised of a surgical grade compression bandage and a liquid mineral serum, which is applied to the bandage before it is snuggly wrapped around the midsection and worn for 60 minutes, three times per week. The company that created the kit, Beauty Be Natural, promises a trimmer, tighter waistline in as little as one week if used as directed.

According to its website,, some may notice improvements after the very first application.

According to Beauty Be Natural, Tummy Tight is able to non-surgically reduce tummies, thighs, and other trouble spots on both men and women by combining three slenderizing techniques:

• Compression wrapping – Studies show that compression wraps and compression garments, if worn daily, can actually reshape the body. When compression garments are worn, the fatty tissues beneath the skin are pressed into the bed of blood capillaries lying just beneath the fat. The compression of tissues improves the blood circulation to and from the fat cells and speeds ups the fat-metabolizing process, allowing the reduction of both body fat and body size.

• Tissue-detoxifying liquid minerals – When toxins and pollutants enter the body through consumed food, water and air, many times they cannot be eliminated and they become stored in fatty tissues, away from vital organs. As additional protection against these toxins, the body sends fluids into the area where the toxins are stored to dilute them. After years of toxic living, the body often becomes swollen and bloated from fluid build-up, caused by the chronic presence of toxins in the body.

There are more than 80 minerals and trace minerals in the Tummy Tight liquid formula – many of which have been included for their ability to reduce inflammation and swelling by flushing toxins out of the tissues. After these minerals do their work, waistlines and tummies start to shrink, even without special diets or exercise.

• Fat-burning herbal accelerator – Special herbs added to the liquid mineral formula penetrate into the fatty tissues to stimulate the fat cells to open and release their contents. This reduces the size of the fat cells and allows them to be further compacted by the Tummy Tight compression wrap. The end result is safe, quick and easy inch-loss.

The Tummy Tight kit can be ordered at and comes with a 30-day, no-questions money-back guarantee.



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