Fashion Designers Expo Coming October 2012

Fashion Designers Expo
October 18-20, 2012: Fashion Designers Expo (FDE) is among the largest expositions of emerging fashion talent. FDE is gearing up to present you with the best of “Who’s NEXT” in the Fashion Industry. Designers include Christian Segui, Juliano Wesauni, Royalayn Art Couture and BFF Wear to mention a few. Model castings are in progress to bring you the best of the best rising talent. In salute of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, FDE has teamed up with BIONIC Girls to empower Survivors. “It’s more than just another Fashion Week; it’s giving the emerging industry a secure platform to bring their dreams to reality while using the power and glamour of the runway in support of non profit organizations to impact our world,” says CEO and Co-Founder of FDE, Karine Melissa. To be a sponsor or to find out more information, contact Fiona Carter at or (407) 953-1842.  Ticket sales begin soon!
About Fashion Designers Expo
Fashion Designers Expo is an exciting Internationally Cultured Fashion Week designed to show the world new fashion superstars, showcasing the best emerging talent from all over the world. FDE offers the excitement and exposure that emerging fashion talent need to bring their dreams to reality. From extravagant runway shows to lavish parties, FDE is committed to showcasing REAL fashion by keeping its runway freshly filled with Models and Designers representing ALL cultures from around the world. Now that’s REAL fashion!
Our mission is to empower and transform the lives of young breast cancer survivors who have undergone cancer treatment and mastectomy. We focus on rebuilding self-image and self-esteem while creating opportunities for wellness. It is also our goal to promote public awareness and early breast cancer detection in all women. We offer free services that will allow them to focus more on healing and less on life’s stresses.

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