Kiboots Amsterdam Boot Company

The key to success is a steady basis. Back in the ’60, road-tripping hippies throughout Arabian countries were the first to influence local artisans to combine leather leftovers with colourful kilim rugs.

During one of their travels Jovanna Kruitbosch and Martijn Lugtigheid, discovered an old pair. Due to enthusiastic reactions from friends and family they started reproducing these boots, by upgrading the quality and handpicking the vintage carpets themselves.

Their Kiboots are colourful handmade boots made by skilled artisans with over more than 30 years of experience, who combine original vintage kilim rugs with quality leather. Each pair of Kiboots is branded by hand and only the perfect boots are allowed to wear the ‘K’, with pride!

Combine their bohemian and vintage charisma together with the sustainable though traditional, handcrafted manufacturing techniques and a one-of-a-kind product, which perfectly matches nowadays fashion, originates.


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