F YEAH MENSWEAR burst onto the scene as a Tumblr blog in October 2010 and captured the attention of the fashion world with its sharp eye and even sharper-tongued approach to how clothes make the man.

Now with the recently revealed authors, Kevin Burrows and Lawrence Schlossman, F YEAH MENSWEAR: Bespoke Knowledge for the Crispy Gentleman (Touchstone; Simon & Schuster; November 6, 2012) comes off of the screen and onto the page, beautifully packaged as an over-the-top men’s fashion magazine-style book for every taste-maker and menswear acolyte.

This is the book for fashionistos who love to ridicule runway looks, always flip to the “Look Book” page of New York Magazine first, and spend their lunch hours secretly trolling Gilt for the latest sales. But the particular chord that FYMW hits, both satirical and stylish, speaks to an even wider audience: everyone from the finance guys with high-end tastes to the trendsetters that scoff at them – even the girlfriends and wives will appreciate the sandpaper dry wit and front-row, insider knowledge of the fashion world. FYMW will surely be found gracing the glossy surfaces of the best coffee tables (and haute couture credenzas) everywhere.

Learn more at https://catalog.simonandschuster.com/TitleDetails/TitleDetails.aspx?cid=2741&isbn=9781451672688

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