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Below is a message from our friends at Zojja Uniquely You.

Zojja Uniquely You offers one-of-a-kind bohemian and gypsy handbags and accessories.  Our philosophy is that everyone has their own unique style and they should be proud to express it with bags and accessories.

Zojja was founded by a twist of fate.  My mother saw that I was making scarves and wanted me to make more so that my sister could bring them to her workplace in New York to sell for the Christmas holidays.  On a whim, I decided to make a couple of bags and add them to the package that was being shipped off to New York.  Shortly thereafter, I was being asked to make bags for relatives and friends which then evolved into a business venture and the beginning of Zojja Uniquely You.

I believe in letting fabrics talk to me to decide what fabrics like to be paired with each other and for the style of bag.  It’s a fun process where I don’t get much say in the matter.  The primary fabrics that I work with are chenille and velvet upholstery fabric. There are many beautiful designs available and they tend to be more durable for everyday use.  I get my fabrics from all over the world to broaden my selection of styles and designs.  For the lining, I prefer to work with silk dupioni or damask which adds a touch of elegance to the bags.

I do custom made bags on request.  I enjoy the process of teaming up with the customer to make the bag of their dreams.  Currently, one third of the bags I make are custom made.

Our bags appeal to a large audience of women because they are unique and one-of-a-kind and the customers love that!

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