Animation Shops Selling Character Clothing

Animation Shops began in 1994, when two friend decided to open a business where they could sell licensed merchandise for popular characters from the past and the present. They did not want to just sell any kind of merchandise.  They wanted to have a great assortment of unique items, which people couldn’t just find anywhere.  They wanted merchandise that would appeal to the young as well as the young at heart.

After ten years of hard work, they are embarking on a new journey, onto the INTERNET.  Their vision is to bring their unique type of store to a worldwide customer and to become the leading resource for this type of merchandise.

They are a fast growing company with the goal of being the leading authority in the selection of character based merchandise. Their merchandise ranges from the characters of our youth, such as Care Bears and Speed Racer, to today’s popular superheroes, such as Spiderman and The Punisher, to pop culture interest, such as Scarface and Betty Boop.  Theiritems include but are not limited to t-shirts, loungewear, headwear and statues.

You can learn more about the Animation Shops at their website


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