Krysten Ritter Wearing Timo Weiland

Actress Krysten Ritter wears two runway Spring 2013 Timo Weiland dress to a recent filming of Live with Kelly and Michael and to Coke Cola’s Ekocycle Event. Ritter stars in television show ‘Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23” and has been busy promoting the next season.

Krysten Ritter wore a black Swarovski embellished cocktail and then a magenta and orange print runway look both from Spring 2013 Timo Weiland.

Krysten Ritter wore a magenta and orange print runway look from Spring 2013 Timo Weiland (at filming of Live with Kelly and Michael).

Timo Weiland: The Brand

After brief internships in the fashion industry, Timo and Alan met and quickly developed a compelling dialogue, which ultimately led to a design partnership. Their mutual interest in European history, travel and a flair for dapper dressing promoted an engaging creative
exchange. The Timo Weiland collection reflects their personal aesthetic sensibilities and broader desire to spur a return to the art of dressing.


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