Four Easy Tips for Finding Instant Cash in Your Closet 2012

Closet clutter in your house, garage, storage room, we are all guilty of it.
Most of us have clothing we haven’t worn for decades or only wore once and they
are sadly left in our closets, taking up space.  Carolyn Schneider, author of
the The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store Guide (Fifth edition, October
2012) and expert bargain shopper says, ”Finding clothing in your closet is like
finding extra money in your wallet that you did not know you had.” “ It is very
easy to clean out your closets and make extra money for clothing that you will
never wear again”.

Ms. Schneider offers the following four easy tips for finding instant cash in your closet:

Know what sells.  Designer women’s clothing, handbags, shoes are always in very high
demand.  Designer items from Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Prada will get you top

Consign your items but read the consignment contract carefully.   The contract gives you all the   information about what your consignment split is, the length of your consignment term and how you will get paid.  Most consignment splits are 50/50.  Consignment terms are usually 60 days.  Items that do not sell right away are usually reduced, 20% after the
first 30 days and an additional 20% after another 30 days.

For items in less demand donate them to a thrift store.  When you donate your items you can ask for a receipt for tax purposes.   The IRS rules allow you to deduct fair market value for the item which is the price the item sells for in the thrift store.

Reconstruct your clothing.  Thrift and vintage stores are the best for finding bright cotton patterns and interesting wool to be used to reconstruct clothing into other items such as handbags.  Companies such as specialize in reconstructing thrift and vintage clothing into handbags and had a special request from a customer to reconstruct her grandfather’s Vietnam army blanket into two handbags.


Carolyn Schneider, expert bargain shopper launched in 2011. is the first and only international shopping guide for consignment, thrift, vintage and secondhand stores around the globe featuring over 10,000 plus stores. is a resource dedicated to helping shoppers save thousands of dollars on designer clothing, accessories and much more.  One special feature of is the up to the minute twitter postings from consignment & thrift stores about their sales and around the globe, which shoppers can view 24/7.

In addition, Ms. Schneider is the author of The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store and is an internationally recognized global bargain shopper.  Ms. Schneider began secondhand shopping over twenty plus years ago.  When her career in the corporate world required that designer look, her pocketbook required affordable prices.  In 1997, the first
edition of The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store Guide, an international
guide to the world’s best secondhand stores, was published.  Several successful
editions followed.  The fifth edition of the guide has been published in October
of 2012 and features hundreds of new store listings to help shoppers find
bargains all over the world.

Ms. Schneider has been featured as a bargain shopping expert on WNBC, Fox 5, Lifetime TV, the 700 Club, and in magazines and newspapers around the globe sharing her shopping secrets.



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