So Slimming Jeans

Having fun and enjoying the holidays is important, and we know that sometimes
means indulging in food and drink! For many, January is when we head back to the
gym and make our resolutions to trim down. While in the process of ridding those
not-so-favorable extra lb’s, we thought we’d let you in on our little secret… Chico’s So Slimming™ Jeans!

SoSlimmingT So Slimming jeans chicos

Imagine, a jean that actually makes you look and feel a whole size smaller?  So what’s the secret? Hidden Fit™ technology, a concealed interior stitching that will slenderize and flatter, instantly and comfortably.  So Slimming™ is the perfect jean to take you from
day to night, weekday to weekend and everywhere in between.

To view all of the styles in the So Slimming™ collection, log on to

Learn more about Chico’s at the Plus Dragon fashion scales.


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