Cupid’s Fashion Find is Prep Sportswear

Hit a home run, score a touchdown and kick a goal with cupid approved sports apparel and fashionable gear!

Prep Sportswear offers the largest array of custom fan apparel and school spirit wear featuring your high school, college, Greek, alumni, military, destination and more…

Choose from endless logo possibilities of t-shirts, hoodies, iPad & iPhone skins – to gym bags, blankets, towels and beyond. Simply select a category, choose from hundreds of logos, pick your color, size and personalize the back with your name and favorite number. From start to finish, your guaranteed a look made just for you!

Prep Sportswear® launched in 2005 as the flagship brand of Sportswear Inc. With over one million online school and team stores, Prep Sportswear is the largest e-commerce provider of print-on-demand and customizable apparel serving consumers, retailers, media properties, as well as school and collegiate athletic departments.


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