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Alchemy Networks, the premiere digital network for urban lifestyle and entertainment, is proud to introduce the addition of eighteen channel partners which focus primarily on natural multicultural beauty. In welcoming these new channel partners to Alchemy Network’s YouTube platform, Alchemy provides an online destination for African American women interested in health, beauty, and fashion.

The newly added channels include: Naptural85, Mahogany Curls, HeyFranHey, My Natural Sistas, lip__SH0CK!, CharJay, and FoodHeavenMadeEasy, in addition to other channel partners. Collectively the channels generate over 6 million views per month and have almost 1M subscribers. By bringing these channels together, Alchemy Networks is building a multicultural destination for women to discuss and share health and beauty insight, entertainment, and fashion tips.

“Our channel partners have created a unique genre of digital entertainment for a targeted audience,” said Alchemy Networks CEO, Peter Griffith. “We are noticing continued interest and growth in the revival of the natural hair and beauty movement and we are proud to offer a platform of supporting content for African American women of all ages. “

Griffith continues, “Alchemy Networks’ hair and beauty hub is the only digital platform that delivers to the 18 to 54 women of color. Our viewers are active buyers of hair care and beauty products, specifically for natural hair and organic products.”

Whitney White of Naptural85 states, “It’s nice to have an outlet where African American beauty vloggers can call home. We’re a small niche of the Internet, but the subject is quickly gaining momentum as more women realize how much information is available online.”

Alchemy Networks looks forward to continuing to expand its portfolio of channel partners, cultivating an online destination catering to the trend setting, African American audience.


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