Onesie The New Wardrobe Staple for Women

The onesie trend developed over a year ago, when celebrities were spotted donning leopard print and brightly coloured, customised onesies. Whilst some people are rather alarmed at just how popular this somewhat strange item has become, the fact remains that the onesie is here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future. Whilst some might argue that only classic items such as a designer handbag, a trench coat or the perfect crisp white blouse should be deemed ‘wardrobe staples’, many fashion-focused people are now including their favourite onesie in their list of wardrobe essentials. Endorsed by everyone from supermodel Cara Delevigne to pop singer Rihanna, it would seem that many people now view the onesie as a must-have item.

Brat onesie 2013

How to wear your onesie

Whilst many agree that the onesie is a wardrobe staple, there is some debate over how and where it should be worn. Although celebrities can get away with wearing customized, bright onesies for a night out on the town, the reality is that for most of us, this wouldn’t work out quite so well. Instead, ordinary members of the public (i.e., people who are not in the public eye) prefer to wear their onesies in the comfort of their own home, save for the occasional fancy dress party, where their zebra or leopard print onesie can double up as a costume.

One argument in favour of the onesie is the number of different styles available if you buy your onesie online; when this item was first sold, there were mainly just one-colour, fleece styles available, but now there’s a whole world of weird and wonderful onesies to discover. From footless designs for those who like to leave their feet unrestricted and jersey styles for those who prefer a lighter fabric to Christmas and Halloween themed onesies, there seems to be a style to suit everyone.

Cosy and comfortable

Although most people like to look their best when they are out of the house, comfort reigns when we are indoors; and let’s face it, there’s nothing quite so comfortable as a onesie. This item is especially nice to wear when the temperature drops and you want to stay warm and cosy when you’re curled up on the sofa. Moreover, because onesies aren’t worn outdoors (most of the time) and you rarely do more than make a cup of tea whilst wearing one, they tend to last for a long time, which is an essential feature of any wardrobe staple. Whilst this is certainly not one of the most flattering items of clothing and maybe isn’t the best option for a night out clubbing, it really is a wardrobe staple if you want to feel comfortable and cosy when you’re relaxing at home.


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