Kelly Osbourne Edgy with Ocanrf Sairutsa

Kelly Osbourne walked the red carpet last night, October 8th 2013, for “The Black Diamond Affair: Presented by AZATURE” dressed in her usual edgy- glam look. Kelly O. added a touch of rough elegance to her black dress and up-do with “Kalavera” Diamond Stud Earrings by LA based fine jewelry Ocnarf Sairutsa. The skull earrings have a SRP of $2,500.00

The Black Diamond Affair With A Z A T U R E kelly-osbourne-purple-hair-2013

A view from the back – Kelly Osbourne accented her braded lavender up-do with the Ocnarf Sairutsa “Kalavera” Earringsskull-jewelry-kelly-osbourne-2013


Founded in Los Angeles in 2012 by sisters Andrea and Priscilla Asurias-Franco.

The designers behind the brand believe that crystals hold a powerful and mystical energy that connects us to the universe – their multi-cultural upbringing and travels around the world and their passion and fascination of nature’s beauty reflect in their eclectic and contemporary designs.

The collections range from exquisite diamond earrings to dainty rings, edgy diamond pins, beaded bracelets and necklaces that are to be worn alone or stacked and go from day to night.

They make all the beaded pieces by hand and use one-of-a-kind materials such as antique conch shell, tamarind wood, bone, lava and leather. The raw materials are then mixed with precious stone such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, making each piece truly unique and organically luxurious.

Rock&Raw and Etnikä designs are created for men and women.

The sisters specifically work with small family owned suppliers from around the world, in order to avoid mass production, and they have every piece custom made in Los Angeles. When using Yak Bone and Buffalo Bone in their styles, they make sure all the beads come from deceased animals to ensure no human or animal is harmed in the process.

Ocnarf Sairutsa’s pieces are meant to be one of a kind and are limited in production, each and every design is created with love to convey happiness, good energy, and, to connect us to the primordial origins of our beautiful planet Earth.

The collections have a celebrity fan base includes, but is not limited to, Katy Perry, Halle Berry, Kate Bosworth, and Kate Hudson. Pieces for are available for puchase at Luisa Viaroma & online at


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