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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about technology as it pertains to fashion?  Possibly wearable technology or 3D Printing clothes pops into your head.  If you were to ask me, it would be issues such as PLM, EDI, virtual showrooms, etc.  Let’s keep in mind that fashion is not only about “consumers”.  The world of fashion would not spin if not for the “fashion industry”.  In regard to tech, the apparel industry may very well have a greater need for innovation than consumers.  Although designers are fantastic at designing clothing, they may not be as good as a PDM software at product development management.

There are so many uses of fashion industry technology, it is almost impossible to write a single blog post about the subject.  We are tempted to touch on design software, warehouse management tech, and supply chain logistics systems.  However, we don’t want to bore those of you that don’t actually work in the industry.  For those of you that do work in the fashion industry, you can learn about various fashion industry technology systems and services here on Apparel Search.

You can also find many great article on the subject on other sites by searching on Bing or Google.  You will most likely find articles about how tech can offer consumers ever-greater shopping convenience.  Find out about how apparel retailers are managing more systems, data and processes, including RFID.  Some are turning to their supply chains  and source-tagging technology, for solutions to the toughest omnichannel challenges.  Read various case studies on the subject.  You can also learn about how apparel companies that have implemented PLM should not stop at product adoption. Existing investments in PLM can be leveraged even deeper into the product development process and throughout the entire supply chain to minimize risk and disruptions.   If you spend a bit of time researching new technology for the apparel industry you are sure to find plenty of informative articles and research reports.

You may also be interested in learn about wearable technology.

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