When using new Systems Such as Google+

When using new systems such as Google+, it may be a good idea to utilize various tools and services that are created by third parties. I am not saying it is always better, but maybe looking for additional tools can help in some situations.
Sometimes the main service provider (in this example Google) may need time to perfect a particular service (such as Google+). To put things in a nut shell, tech companies such as Google will typically develop a great project, launch the project, then continuously work to improve the product further. Let’s keep in mind it is really difficult (or impossible) to launch a product that is perfect and in need of zero improvement right from the beginning. Once the project is up and running, programmers will continue to make improvements to existing features and also develop new features. At the same time, community organizers and other people working within the company can receive feedback from users regarding the current service to determine what new features need to be created and what existing features need to be improved.
As the primary service provider works on their internal tools and services, third party companies may start development on their own services to work in conjunction with the primary service. Obviously, their are legal and ethical rules in regard to what third party companies should do. Although I do not know all of the specific rules and obligations, it is my understanding that Google is fine with other companies creating services that help users of their service. This is why they often provide API information for third parties.
In regard to Google+, in my opinion it is a great service that will get even better over time. Before the system is “perfect”, I will seek out other services and tools that I can use in conjunction with Google Plus. One such service that I enjoy using is called Plus Dragon. Plus Dragon is actually a work in progress with only a small section currently available to the public. The feature that I use is the search engine. It allows me to search for people, brands, and business pages in a rather convenient way.
If you enjoy Plus Dragon, you can also join the dragons circle on Google+.
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