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Sure, you have heard of Facebook.  However, if you are focused on fashion, you may want to try a fashion social network rather then a broad scope social network.  Their are several fashion social network sites currently on the internet.  And for sure, in a few years their will be even more. 

My question is, “if more networks keep popping up, won’t that have a negative impact on the current networks?”  For example, if I use one fashion social networking site now, I can devote my attention to making friends in that group and developing a following by being an active member (a member that helps answers questions in forums etc.).  However, if I join 5 fashion social networking sites, my time and attention is divided.  Therefore, I am not going to be as helpful to other members or developing myself as a recognized member.  If I can become recognized on a particular network as a helpful person, it may lead to business opportunities.  Certainly people are more likely to give business to a person that is known to them and has been helpful to them on the network for an extended period of time.

Anyway, my plan is to stick with the Fashion Industry Network as my home base.  This is where I have found friendly and HELPFUL members.  Also, because I am a founding member… Yes, I am bias to the Fashion Industry Network being my favorite fashion social networking site.

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