Fashion on Tumblr 2011

Really not sure if you have heard about Tumblr, but it is a rather interesting website.  More important then it’s actual features, it is possible to learn about fashion on the site.  Personally, I find WordPress even more effective for learning about fashion, but using other sites from time to time also can’t hurt.

If you are interested, here are are few fashion relevant streams on tumblr.

Fashion Network

Apparel Search

Bridal Fashion

Clothing Stores

Fashion Industry

Fashion Boutiques

Fashion Designers

Fashion Directory

Just in case above is not enough to keep you occupied, below you will find a few more suggestions.  Below you can find blogs about fashion events, jobs, fashion week, stylists and more.

Fashion Events

Fashion Jobs (if you are actually looking for a job in fashion, try the fashion jobs section on Apparel Search).

Fashion News

Fashion Schools

OK, I am realizing that their are many fashion resources available for review.  Almost too many for a single blog post.  Therefore, I am deciding to make this post a two part series.  I will provide you with more resources in my next blog.  Please keep an eye open for the next part of this Fashion on Tumblr series.



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