Find Fashion on Tumblr Part 2

If you read my last fashion blog post, you will know that we started a discussion in regard to the benefits of using Tumblr to learn about fashion.  I started a short directory of resources on Tumblr to help us more easily find feeds about fashion industry issues.  The list became too long so I had decided to split the post into two parts.  In the future, if I find more helpful sources of information, I guess I can create another post at that time.  Anyway, for now, this is a two part series only.

Here are a few more resources for your review:

Fashion Trend Forecasting

Fashion Week


Textile Designers

Textile Industry

Wholesale Fashion

Women’s Fashion

Women’s Shoes

Women’s Underwear

Fashion Photographers

Again, if I find more beneficial resources in the future, I will try to post about it hear on the Fashion Industry Network WordPress blog.


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