Blanc de Chine AW12 Collection

Are you ready for the upcoming release of Blanc de Chine’s AW12 collection?

Known for its elegance, Blanc de Chine has gained a loyal following from celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Juliette Binoche and Tiger Woods.

The Hong Kong design house is the first international Chinese luxury brand to make an effort in bringing traditional Chinese culture into the modern world. The AW12 collection uses a variety of colors and textures to create an array of looks, from chic daytime wear to glittering evening dresses.

Blanc de Chine traces its footsteps back to its roots, adding refined touches to their timeless classics. Inevitably, things change, people change, in fact, everything changes in the passage of time. Yet, classics last forever. It is this notion of “so ancient, so modern” that shapes the inspiration of the AW12 collection.

The collection hits the Blanc de Chine store next week, located at 673 5th Avenue. Prices range from $500 for accessories to $20,000 for embellished gowns.



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