Men are Trading in their Tighty Whities

What a Guy’s Underwear Says about Him
Men are Trading in their ‘Tighty Whities’
for Style and Personality

There was a time when specialty underwear was the domain of women. Not anymore!

“It used to be that the old standby, ‘tighty-whities,’ was a man’s all-purpose underwear. They were worn with business attire, sweat pants for tooling about the house or shorts while playing a pick-up basketball game, but they weren’t ideal for each function,” says Darnell Jones, a sports-playing business professional and creator of TUKZ Undergarments.

“Now, a man’s underwear says something about who he is, whether it’s a serious businessman, an athletic weekend warrior or a romantic. Let’s be honest – your grandfather’s underwear probably didn’t look the coolest, and it certainly didn’t say much about him.”

Manufacturers are responding to men’s desire for products, including underwear, that cater to his lifestyle with style and functionality, Jones says.

He points to these hot new undies:

• Saxx: This brand debuted in 2006 as a very specific kind of athletic undergarment for men. The apparel features comfortable side panels, which create a hammock-like effect for genitalia. No more chafing!

• SPANX for men: The underwear famous for shaping women, including Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow, released its men’s version in 2010. Recognizing a burgeoning market for guys who want a GQ look, SPANX offers men the same comfortable firming and smoothing as women get.

• TUKZ: Like many of today’s specialty underwear, TUKZ features a 3-D pouch for comfort and an enhanced profile. But the primary defining innovation is how the underwear improves business attire, Jones says. The underwear is equipped with four elastic straps and clips to neatly secure tucked shirts for a crisp, professional appearance all day. “The idea came to me organically – by necessity,” Jones says. “I got so sick of having to tuck my shirt back in after sitting and standing dozens of times a day at the office.” When men let their tucked shirts flare, it makes their midsection look thicker, he says.

• $100-dollar underwear, various brands: Yep, it’s happened!
Brands like Calvin Klein, featuring the “Frigo,” are capitalizing on men’s desire to be just as sexy as the women in their lives – or almost. Consumers are routinely paying more than $50 for sexy men’s underwear at retail stores in malls nationwide.

“Whether you want a clean silhouette at work or safety and comfort when you’re on the athletic fields, you can choose the proper undergarment for the purpose,” Jones says.

“We’ve come a long way, baby!”

About Darnell Jones

Darnell Jones is the founder and president of TUKZ Undergarments, LLC, specializing in a unique functionality that prevents shirts from becoming un-tucked. He earned his bachelor’s in health with an emphasis in management at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colo. Jones’ vision is for TUKZ Underwear to reside in every household to improve appearance and build confidence in men and women of all ages. He currently serves as an investor and a Region Manager for Olive Medical Corp.


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