Blanc de Chine

Blanc de Chine was the first international Chinese luxury brand to demonstrate a transformation of traditional Chinese culture into modern lifestyle. It has successfully brought Chinese designs to the world of haute couture. The brand distinguishes itself by its ability to design outside the boundaries of fixed notions and its pursuit of true excellence and quality. Blanc de Chine has also been consistently amalgamating the richness of China – its philosophy, history, art and culture with the creation of a modern lifestyle. It has brought the quintessence of the Eastern culture to the forefront expressing the discreet charm and flowing elegance typical of the East. Through it all, Blanc de Chine has enabled Chinese designs to combine what is traditional and timeless with a modern lifestyle, so the world is able to experience a glimpse of Chinese culture in its truest form.

View Blanc de Chine at New York Fashion Week September 2012.


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