Lyst Discover Fashion

Fashion discovery website introduces features to increase sharing and discovery success rates for users, including widgets, comments, and Verified Accounts. The initiatives are part of the website’s goal to make online shopping easier and more engaging.

“These new features are part of Lyst’s mission to improve the way people share and discover fashion online,” said Lyst CEO Chris Morton. “We’re excited by the early impact they are already having on sales and growth.”

Lyst is a social curation website that lets people share and discover fashion. Founded in 2010 by Chris Morton, Devin Hunt, and Sebastjan Trepca, it is backed by a range of all-star investors including Accel Partners (Facebook, Groupon), as well as the those behind Oscar de La Renta, Smythson and Tory Burch.

If you are interested, you can also discover fashion at the Fashion Industry Network.  Well, at this time you can’t really shop, but you can discover the fashion industry.


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Work in the fashion industry and develop fashion websites. My primary fashion website is called Apparel Search and can be viewed at My second largest site is the Fashion Industry Network which you can view at
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