Levis Curve ID

Levis Curve ID is the way to find your perfect fitting jeans.

Levis Curve ID

Once you find out your curve, select your favorite wash or leg opening – skinny, straight, bootcut, flare and shop away! Levi’s® Curve ID now comes in two rises – Modern (low-rise) and Classic (mid-rise), and Plus-sizes.

Check out more photos from women who have discovered their Levi’s® Curve ID shape.  If you still don’t know your curve, take the fit quiz or stop into a Levi’s® store to get your custom fitting during store hours!

Thousands of women from New York to San Francisco came out to the “Calling All Curves” Levi’s® Curve ID event in search of their perfect fitting jeans.  The first step was to get a custom fitting from a Levi’s® fit specialists.  The process only takes a couple of minutes while our in-store fit specialists measure your waist, seat and hips to determine your body’s curve – Slight (for  women with straight figures, or have trouble finding jeans that fit at the waist), Demi (for women who are more evenly proportioned aka usually the girls who hardly have trouble finding jeans that fit), Bold (for women with curves who experience waist gapping in the back), and Supreme (for women with the curviest shape and need a back with a higher rise so it doesn’t sit too low).

Learn more about Levis from the Levis profile on Apparel Search or at the Levis website.


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